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Dr. Simi

Children’s book author Dr. Simarjeet Kaur Sandhu, or Dr. Simi, as she likes to be called, recalls as a young child reading books in bookstores, libraries, and classrooms, but that the stories did not include characters that looked like her or that spoke of her cultural or religious background. A lifelong lover of reading and writing, she realized as an adult that she wanted to help young readers have a different experience and so she writes children’s stories to spread awareness, particularly for those of Sikh background.
As a child, Dr. Simi experienced a lot of bullying and discrimination, particularly after the 9-11 attacks, by people confusing Sikhs for those related to the Taliban or Osama Bin Laden. In part, this drove her to her journey as an educator of young children, teaching English as a second language, so that she could help build a learning environment that is accepting of people of all backgrounds.

Dr. Simi believes a good book is one where the reader can close their eyes and picture the story and relate to its characters.

The Adventures of Simran & Sehaj_edited_

About the 

Ms. Anastasiia Sokolova

Anastasia Sokolova is a professional illustrator with many years of experience.  She specializes in children's books and works in a variety of other fields including technical illustrations.  At the age of 19 she started a creative space, a small gallery to be exact.

She's been working with Dr. Simi since 2021.  Their first project was What is Meditation? We Say Waheguru.  Anastasia's illustrations have brought style, shape and color to the Simran & Sehaj series!

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