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Simran & Sehaj Coloring and Activity Sheets 

Download cool coloring and activity sheets that accompany the stories! Click on the titles under each picture to download a pdf file.    

Simran Kaur
Sehaj  Singh Coloring Sheet.png
Kisaan .png
Copy of Kisaan -2.png
Label Map of Punjab.png



Most people across the world have seen the English alphabet.  But have you ever seen Gurmukhi?  What is Gurmukhi, you may ask.  Gurmukhi is the script used by people in Punjab.  It is also the script used by Sikhs. In the story, The Land of Five Rivers, readers get to learn Gurmukhi.


It is SUPER COOL to learn how other people read and write.  Simran & Sehaj want to spread awareness about their second language.  Here's your chance to learn Gurmukhi!  To learn more, be sure to read, "The Land of Five Rivers".

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