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Join Simran, Sehaj and their grandfather Bhaya Ji to learn about Ukraine.  This story includes historical and cultural facts about Ukraine and its beauty.  As a bonus, Simran, Sehaj and Bhaya Ji also have the opportunity to visit a gurdwara or Sikh house of worship located in one of the cities!  


This book includes vocabulary words in English, Punjabi and Ukrainian to add a TRILINGUAL touch!


The book concludes with the real life stories of the four characters from Ukraine, who happen to be the real-life relatives of the illustrator Anastassiia Sokolova.  


PLUS, reading comprehension questions and a glossary.  Simran & Sehaj don't want you to read the book and put it down.   They want you to pause and reflect about the facts and information that you learned about Ukraine!


Dr. Simi is the founder of Hands2Inspire, a nonprofit organization that is on a mission to Give Back, Share Knowledge and Raise Awareness. Proceeds from the Simran and Sehaj books go to their academic scholarship fund and community outreach projects. To learn more about Hands2Inspire, visit

Simran & Sehaj Visit Ukraine

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